It Is a Very Groovy Year

1970s disco fashion a la Halston

1970s disco fashion a la Halston

Once again, the 1970s have exploded all over the runways! We’ve all seen, and maybe have worn, the rompers, jump suits, caftans, suede fringe, oversized florals, and boho-hippie look that have been commonplace in recent years. We are swimming in the 1970s and riding the wave from the late 60s/early 70s low-slung “hip-hugger” jeans to high-waisted pants that were fashionable for most of the decade. And the sloppy hippie chick is maturing into the sleek disco queen.

The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC is currently exhibiting “Yves Saint Laurent + Halston, fashioning the 70s.” The curators of this cutting edge museum pin-pointedly intuit direction of trends – and, symbiotically, affect trends. The apparel in this exhibit could walk down the runway today and be considered brilliant.

Looking backward for inspiration has always been and will always be. Emerging fashion capitals – Mexico City, Seoul, Shanghai, Sao Paulo (visit FIT’s Museum after June 2!) – will showcase designers of their locale. And they will look back to their fashion roots. Pulling from early 20th century Mexico City – what did that look like? Different silhouettes, patterns, historic references than American/European history and memories will look “new” to my Euro-American eyes. The 70s are clearly still delighting us, but we are also craving something different. Is the solution the “perceived new” fashion from other parts of the world? Maybe. So bring it on! We in the fashion world are ready to explore new terrains!

Haute Couture’s Drinkable Perfume

givenchy hotel cafe royal

Seven cocktails inspired by L’Atelier de Givenchy photo courtesy of Hotel Cafe Royal

The cross-over of fashion designers with other industries has become commonplace. Dancers of the New York City Ballet have been outfitted by Stella McCartney and ValentinoJohn Varvatos brought his design skills to Chrysler cars. Even renowned fashion photographer Bruce Weber has a line of pet accessories with Shinola.

Now we have a  triple cross-over: haute couture + perfumerie + cocktail lounge. Tiziano Tasso, mixologist at the Club at Hotel Café Royal in London, has developed seven cocktails to reflect the seven fragrances comprising the L’Atelier de Givenchy perfume collection. Each cocktail has its own color, personality and taste inspired by Parfums Givenchy’s key perfume notes. Does anything say “affordable luxury” more than a 13 euro drinkable perfume at a luxury lounge?

If you seek more cocktails and perfume, get thee to the Ritz Carlton in Berlin for their fragrance + cocktail pairing. The scents of Yves Saint LaurentGiorgio Armani and Guerlain fragrances are translated into cocktails and artfully displayed for the guest who wishes to immerse one’s self in a sensory feast.